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Soybean Pest Podcast

Soybean Research Podcast

Drs. Matt O’Neal and Erin Hodgson created a podcast to promote IPM concepts, like identification, sampling, economic thresholds, and insecticide efficacy. They also talk about updates on invasive pests and regulatory news, and translate new research relative to insects in agriculture.


For the week of July 20, 2009, Drs. Erin Hodgson and Matt O'Neal discuss the state of aphid populations in Iowa.  Aphids are now well established in many fields but at low populations.  We discuss factors that can contribute to the likelihood of an outbreak.  Also, Erin and Matt make a joke about aphid perspiration.

In this edition, Dr. Erin Hodgson is introduced. She is the new assistant professor in the Department of Entomology at ISU with extension and research responsibilities focused on corn and soybean production. Dr. Hodgson's Ph.D. was spent studying the soybean aphid and how best to scout for it. She describes some of the work she is doing this summer, helping growers manage insect pests in soybean fields.

This is the first in a series of podcasts about the soybean aphid, an invasive pest of soybeans found throughout the midwest. Return to this podcast, hosted by Dr. Matt O'Neal for updates on the occurrence, management and biology of this important pest