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Its July, and there are more than fireworks in the air.

Erin and Matt talk about the growing community of insects found in soybean and cornfields.  Erin shares updates from her field staff, including observations of several species of lepidoptera that are still in caterpillar form. For more details visit,…

She also gives an update on the frequency and growth stage of soybean gall midges.  For more information about the Soybean gall midge, visit

Finally, Erin mentions her rootworm trapping network. Details can be found here:…

Matt shares a F.I.T. that was inspired by a 2019 interview of Saturday Night Live cast member Kate McKinnon,

Don't watch the clip until after you heard the clues, as Kate gives a way the name of the type of insect in her interview.  If you want a hint, names associated with this insect include, but are not limited to: biting, non-biting,  phantom, mountain, meniscus, and dung.


Soybean Research Podcast

Drs. Matt O’Neal and Erin Hodgson created a podcast to promote IPM concepts, like identification, sampling, economic thresholds, and insecticide efficacy. They also talk about updates on invasive pests and regulatory news, and translate new research relative to insects in agriculture.